Migizi Group is a full-service environmental, geotechnical, civil and surveying consulting firm focused on providing our clients with expert-level consulting and project management.

Migizi Group is a small business formed in 2012 through an incorporation of environmental, geotechnical and health and safety professionals with an average of 20+ years industry experience and involvement within the Western United States. We serve a variety of both public and private clients in the educational, medical, legal, construction, real estate, and manufacturing sectors. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients have worked with or known the Principals of the firm most of their careers.


Migizi Group principals are industry leaders specializing in industrial, commercial & governmental safety & health, environmental consulting & remediation. The scope of Migizi Group’s services encompasses a wide variety of customer groups, including multi-store retail operations, industrial & manufacturing facilities, public utilities, warehouse & light manufacturing operations, commercial offices, small strip to regional shopping centers, institutional & governmental facilities, lending & mortgage institutions, trust departments, health care facilities, & multi-unit residential sites. Migizi Group’s core services can be grouped into the following categories:

Geotechnical Engineering

Foundation engineering, CM, landslide and retaining wall engineering, regulatory compliance and other geotechnical services.

Civil Engineering, Stormwater & Erosion Control

Grading, Pavements, Erosion Control, Permitting, Embankment Design & Stormwater Engineering.


ASTM E1527-13 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Transaction Screens, Confidential Due Diligence, Phase II ESAs, Soil Vapor Evaluation & Sampling.

Facilities Services & Remediation

Construction Monitoring, Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Site Characterization, Groundwater Monitoring, RCRA Facility Closure, Review & Estimating.

Construction Engineering

Temporary Shoring Design and Temporary Grading Design.

Underground Engineering

Dewatering Analysis and Design, Tunneling, Thrust Block Design, GeoStructural Engineering, Mine Hazard Abatement & Dewatering.

Ground Improvement Design

Stone Columns, Aggregate Piers, Deep Soil Mixing, Jet Grout, Rigid Inclusions, Wick Drains and Earthquake Drains.

Regulated Building Materials

Asbestos, Lead and Other Hazards Survey, Design, and Project Administration, Lead-Paint Management Services including HUD & OSHA Compliance Audits, Hazardous Materials Risk Assessments, Compliance Programs, Training Services, Plans & Training.

Industrial Hygiene

Employee Training & OSHA Exposure Assessments, Risk Assessments, Safety Programs, Construction QA, HAZWOPER Plans, Radiological Safety Plans, DIE IWCP, ISMS & OSHA 851 Matrixes, and Expert Review.

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ Investigations, Consulting, Biological & Non-Biological Particulate Air Sampling, Air Quality Monitoring (Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature & Relative Humidity), Mold Amplification Inspection and Sampling, Remediation Design and Project Administration.


Construction Monitoring (CM), Cross Sonic Logging, Vibration Monitoring, Hydro-Acoustic Monitoring, Constructability Review, Quality Control / Assurance, Fill Control and Testing.

Slopes & Retaining Structures

Landslide Analysis and Repair, Mine Pit Stability, Dam Engineering and Permitting, Sheet Pile Wiles, Stacked Block Wall Design and Modular Block Wall Design.

Earthquake Engineering

UBC/IBC Earthquake Design, Seismic Response Spectra, Site-Specific Evaluations (ASCE 7 Ch. 21), Liquefaction Analysis, Lateral Spreading, Liquefaction Mitigation and Planning.

Recent Projects

Port of Bremerton - Facilities & Planning
Facility Decontamination Technical Assistance & Peer Review

Migizi Group provided technical assistance and peer review of a facility decontamination project under agreement with the Port of Bremerton. The decontamination project was being performed in response to chemical residue potentially associated with a historic plating operation at the facility. We reviewed condition assessment reports, developed the post-cleaning acceptance criteria and reviewed cleaning acceptance reports. Other technical assistance included reeving Health and Safety Plans, Site Work Plans, reviewing and summarizing contractor employee exposure monitoring and perimeter monitoring data.



Doug Henry

President, Principal Scientist

James Brigham

Principal Engineer

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